Can you give me more details about your qualifications?

I am an AWAI certified copywriter, producing customer-focused marketing collateral, online and in print. I have specific training in writing content marketing pieces, emails, landing pages, home pages, blogs, sales pages, direct-response sales letters with collateral pieces, case studies, and SEO copywriting.


For 6 years, I owned MCM Publishing Services, Inc., in which I managed 19 writers. We produced copy mostly for educational materials, but I also worked with marketing departments writing briefs, case studies, responses to RFPs, surveys, brochure copy, packaging copy, and edited white papers and video copy.

Do you also do design work?

No. As a Copywriter, I will work with your designer to achieve the best possible layout to highlight your message. I have 15 years’ experience working with the top designers in the field and look forward to being part of your team.

“Mary Carol always treated us like we were partners. She understands how words and design work together, and she appreciates how the design supports the words. I hope we can work with her again.” —Omar S., Creative Manager, Fortune 500 Company

“We Were Partners”

How can I contact you?

Well, you’ve found my website.  On this site, you can navigate to the CONTACT page to send me an email. I am also on LinkedIN, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, my Customer Information Kit includes my phone number, and I would be more than happy to talk to you at any time, during normal business hours. I am in the CST zone. I’d be happy to do FaceTime for our first call if you prefer. You are also welcome to visit my blog: www.the1-hourgardener.com.

How long do jobs take?

That depends on how many pieces you want written, and how much research I will need to do. Research is critical to developing a full picture of your customer, your competition, and your product. Then I will synthesize my research with the information you send to me to create a marketing message that will draw your customers to your unique products. Depending on how many pieces you want–and their length–a job can take me anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

Do you have a process?

Yes! During an initial discussion, we will confirm your goals and talk about what pieces you want written. Then to get started, I will need all the background information that you can gather–previous marketing collateral, information on the product, customer data, and so on.

As part of our discussion, we will decide how many rounds of review you would like and decide on a process for that. I am flexible and can adapt to whatever review process suits you best, but I will make some recommendations.

Then once you send me the materials and I have had a chance to review your packet, we will decide on the cost and a delivery date.

If it’s a rush, please let me know. No matter what your deadline, if I agree to it, you have my guarantee that you will receive it on time.

“Mary Carol has ever-present positivity, a willingness to jump in and help, and brings professionalism to every project. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her!” —Beth M., Sr. National Specialist, Fortune 500 Company

“Ever-present Positivity”

“I worked with Mary Carol for many years on one of the most widely used programs in the country, and I can say with utmost confidence that she is truly a gem. For the marketing team, she was the go-to person for guidance, copyediting, and copywriting on many projects from campaign messaging to the development… Continue reading “Go-to Person for…Copywriting”

“Go-to Person for…Copywriting”

Do you have an information kit you could send me?

Yes, I do. You can sign up to have it emailed to you here.